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The free educational seminar on the subject ‘The Products of Russian Export Center Group’ began its work on November 15, 2018 in Penza Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry within the frame of Export Support Center activity.


IMG 8772Valery Mironov, Deputy Minister – Head of the Department of Strategic Initiatives and External Communications in the Ministry of Economy of Penza Region and Vladimir Parshin, First Vice-Chairman of Penza Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Head of Export Support Center in Penza region were present at the opening of the seminar.

While opening the event, Vladimir Parshin noted that this seminar is the last one in the current year and the most informative one. The obtained knowledge will allow Penza enterprises to use all instruments of the Russian Export Center for the analysis of the external markets, elaboration of issues referring to the search and estimation of the potential buyers, mobilization of financing of the export deals, recovery of certain expenses and the whole set of other issues related to foreign economic activity.  

Valery Mironov, in return, greeted the participants of the seminar and said that in the forthcoming year this practice of training will be continued. He expressed a hope that the participants of the seminar will obtain a successful knowledge helping them to sell their products abroad. He noted that besides the Russian Export Center the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Penza Region which renders a wide range of services also deals with the support of export as well as the Export Support Center. Moreover, Penza enterprises can always apply to the Ministry of Economy that provides a number of supporting programs for export-oriented companies.

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The representatives of small and medium-sized business of Penza region concerned with the development of their companies and the starting of export activity also took part in the seminar. The officials of the following organizations were among them: ‘Penzenskie Electrody’ LLC, ‘F M Group’ LLC, ‘Rubber Chips Plant’ LLC, ‘Okhrannaya Tekhnika’ LLC, ‘Geotek’ LLC NPP etc.

Ksenia Shutova presided over the seminar. She is a manager of Export Support Center in GAU VO ‘Volgograd Regional Business Incubator’ and, also, a certified coach of the School of Export by the Russian Export Center. 

It is worth noting that the Export Support Center – Penza Region is the operator of the Educational Project of ANO DPO ‘School of Export’. The Ministry of Economy is the work coordinator of the Export Support Center on behalf of the Government of Penza Region.

This seminar is already the eleventh one within the framework of the above project in 2018. During this year the representatives of 89 Penza companies of small and medium-sized business have followed the courses of this project.

The seminar will last for two days. When it ends, each participant will get a Participance Certificate of REC School of Export.   

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