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On April 6, 2018 a meeting of the Association of Penza region Exporters took place in the conference room of Penza CCI.

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The meeting was opened and held by: Yuri Kulenko, a chairman of the Association of Penza region Exporters, a director of OOO "RTB-Group".

The meeting was attended by: Andrey Luzgin, a deputy chairman of the Penza region Government, Valery Mironov, a head of the Department of strategic initiatives and external communications of the Ministry of Economy of Penza region, Vladimir Podobed, a chairman of Penza Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vladimir Parshin, a first deputy chairman of Penza CCI, a head of the Export Support Center of Penza region and Sergey Mozolin, an executive director of the Association of Penza region Exporters, a head of the Foreign Economic Activities development department of OOO "Stankomashstroy".

The executives and specialists of Penza enterprises, which conduct foreign economic activity and plan to start export activity, attended the event.

In particular, the event was attended by the representatives of a number of leading Penza enterprises, which are the members of Penza CCI, such as: OOO "Stankomshstroy", OOO "VIT", OOO NPO "Gaks-Armservice", OOO "Parapharm", OAO "SKBT", OOO "MayakKanz", OOO "Penzenskiy zavod Telema Gino", OAO "Radiozavod" and others.

Andrey Luzgin made a welcoming speech to the audience. He made a point of the importance of feedback from the exporting companies for more effective Association activity, for long-term activity planning.

Vladimir Parshin showed a presentation of the Export Support Center of Penza region to the participants of the meeting and presented the work plan for 2018. Several foreign business missions will be organized this year (Belarus - Minsk, Armenia - Yerevan, Italy - Milan, Uzbekistan - Tashkent, Georgia - Tbilisi, Kazakhstan - Almaty) as well as the participation of Penza delegations in collective stands at three international exhibitions: International exhibition "Europe - Asia. Cooperation without borders" ( Aktobe, Republic of Kazakhstan), International exhibition "SecurikaCentralAsia" ( Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan) and International furniture exhibition "KazinterMebel" ( Astana, Republic of Kazahstan).

The Export Support Center entered the educational project of the Russian Export Center in 2018. Within the framework of the educational project 11 seminars on export activities for export-oriented SME are planned.

The seminars will be divided into topics:

"Export activity bases";

"Marketing as a part of the export project";

"Effective business communication for exporters";

"Export legal aspects";

"Export financial instruments";

"Documented export support";

"Customs regulation of export";

"Logistics in the export business";

"The potential of online-export";

"Export activity taxes";

"Russian export Center work".

Sergey Mozolin told about the mechanism of cooperation of OOO "Stankomashstroy" with the Russian Export Center and about the positive experience of the cooperation.

The information from the Industrial Development Fund of Penza region about the support of industrial enterprises, the cooperation conditions and loaning was also given.

The representatives of PAO "Kuznetskiy" Bank presented the bank's services for foreign economic activity, foreign currency accounts opening and other services, which are interesting for businessmen.

In the final part of the event there was an exchange of opinions and offers on promotion of Penza goods to foreign markets.

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